Wonder-la Trip.. :)

Date.. 12-07-09 ..Time 7 30 pm. ..A call comes from my friend Bhanu.. ” Maga.. Naale guarantee thane…..? “…No response from my side… Again.. “Maga helo.. ? … Hello… U there… ?.. Lo Bhatta… Helapppa… “,…ah.. Ya man..I am here..Where else should i be…. k .Fine maga..Will try my level best to convince my Dad…Thus said..I kept the phone..
Time 8 00 pm.. No power at home ..Thanks to Yeddi(CM) … So that I could be away from my Dads implacable sight ..

Its much more easier to convince Hitler but not my Dad.. God, If I ask something ,in response he is going to ask several questions for that something what i ask.. 😦 … As if an Army officer is striking his gun against the terrorist….He keeps on asking questions… I guess it goes to an infinite loop if given to a computer..

Ok here the drama begins.. :)..
Time 8 30 pm. Had dinner together.. Then I started pattering myself.. Suddenly with an Vociferous voice he asked..Cant u eat silently.. How much do u speak..Look in my olden days….I was like…… Ah.. Here starts the boring history.. .Blah.. Blah.. Blah..I hate telling or listening those craps.. .. Finally..i finished my dinner.. And started thinking what should i tell to convince him..?Man, believe me,I have never thought or for that matter worried so much even for my semester exams.. :)….
Finally at 9 pm , I said “Dad I am going to Wonder-la tomorrow.. and all of my friends are coming with me ..(Its an another issue that we were only 8. Not 80 ..which is our class strength )…At the same time…. Power came there was bright light all over the hall … He saw my face from his Big spectacles .. .. As if a policeman sees a thief… And for my goodness ..He calmly said. .K carry on.. !!!!!!.huff.. one of the toughest job i could ever do was so smoothly carried on.. Great Bhatta.. I bowed to myself. 🙂 ..Hey ,just a minute..What about the money.. 500 bucks.. Is isn’t a small amount to me.. Hmm…k ,I thought , It would be better if I could ask him tomorrow morning..
I texted all my friends that I am ready for the trip..and there were so happy ,i mean,.. At that moment even if the semester results were out.. I guess no one would have been bothered.

Date. 13-07-09. Time 5 am . Woke up early and did Sandhyavandana. Had a hot coffee and waited for the opportunity to talk to Dad.. Regarding the money,for the trip.
At 6 30 am ,Dad was busy with his scanning of news paper,and I went to his room.. It was like entering a Bus, without a ticket. k ,Here it goes.. “Dad I need some money for wonder-la .Pls can you give me..He said.. all right.. Get my wallet . I took his wallet and gave it to him.. I was staring at his wallet as he took 500Rs note .. I was like.. Hurray.. 500 Rs i more than enough ..And was dancing at the place where i stood.. But my excitement was in vain in another 1 min.. Because. .He took that 500 Rs.. Kept aside .and gave me 50 Rs. Damn..50 Rs..Just 50 Rs.. Ayyo.. I dont know what Paapa I have done.. 😦 :.. It cost more than 50Rs even to travel Wonder-la and come back Home.He gave that 50Rs note and started reading the crime section.. started reading aloud.. “Tande inda Magana kole.. ” Oops.. next.. “Bengalorinalli 3 kade .. Darode.. “….I started thinking…. Yes these poor guys.. start crimes because they might feel shortage of money like me and unable to go to wonderla. .:(. Poor guys.. Yeah ..including me.. I again interrupted him and said..Dad pls give atleast 300 Rs.. He looked at me.. And started his old AIR Radio .speech. .Look When i was like you.. .Oh no.. Not again.. I came to my room..And was about to sob.. When suddenly mom entered the room and gave 350 Rs .to me.. Huff.. Long live mom..I prayed to god.. Yes,I remember a saying that .. “Since ,god cannot be everywhere he created Mother” ..How true it is.. 🙂 I love you Mom. .K So there was 350 + 50 +150 (My savings.. ) all together 550. Hurray.>Time to go.. Packed my stuff.. And went to Mysore road Satellite bus stand…Where we all planned to meet at sharp 9 am.

Time 8 40 am .well ,Its always me to be the first one and waiting for all…. huff.. I messaged Bhanu(KENCHA)..and said “Maga , I am near BMTC bus stand..come fast. its boring here. ” He replied.. that he would be in 5 min. But you know SIT right.. ?..5 min equals 30min.
Yeah..He along with my friends,Karthik J (JK), Avinash (NASA) arrived. I was really busted as the time was 9 20 am.. K, well where are others fellows , man I asked Kencha.. He called them and said.. “guys, It takes another half an hour for them to come.. Let us sit on this bench.” I said.. “Oh.. What’s wrong with them man,,I mean, You said that its sharp 9 am right? ,then why do they take such a long time”..hmm.. , there was no response from anyone as they did not want to take any risk.
At 10 All of them G3, Kru, Shwe,and Arp.. (we call them by these names).Came and yes they apologized to us for coming..late. At 10 :10 we took a bus,that directly went to Wonder-la, And we stood right front of the main entrance at 11 am . Wow.. What a place.. Really..I was like, Am i dreaming or is it true that I am here.. ? ah.. confused.. :).As we had our college IDs we got an off of 25% ,thus we paid 355Rs for each ticket.

First time I have ever been to such a trip ,that to with girls.. Sounds Amazing right.. ?Yes,Four boys ,four girls and all being best friends, Started looking at one another as from where to start.. ?Yes..our kencha was so excited that he was not even patient to keep his luggage in the locker room .Oh my god.. There were around 19 dry games, 13 water games. and around 10 games for kids.. We were like.. Hey ,where to start and where to end.. Shwe was our guide.. As this was her second visit..For me ,It was like dream come true.. Kencha,JK,NASA,G3,kru,… Everyone.. Started exploring the dry rides one by one.. And at 2 I guess ,We finished playing almost all the games.
It was amazing that I was not scared.Well , I am not boasting myself.. But compared to my pals,, I guess I have a little more courage.. K , Lets stop the dry rides. Coming to the water rides, Here is where I felt a sort of dizziness ,and a sort of shivering which I really did not expected after i stepped into water.I was like,,Something is wrong with me,or something is going bad.. I played in Water Pendulum with JK ,went to Lazy river,Banded Kratts.That’s it. I was unable to bear the pain which occurred in my joints, back and knees.. Oh ,this is killing me,But i remained silent coz..I did not want to spoil the happiness that my friends were enjoying.

So, went to dressing room ,changed my dress and came back to see them .G3 accompanied me ,and we saw our fellow mates playing in the wave pool. My condition was getting worse and worse.At around 5 30 ,all the water games were closed ,and my friends went to the dressing room, changed their dress and came.JK and Kencha took m to the first aid clinic where the Doctor gave me a paracetamol tablet,which did work to some extent. Then at 5 50 there was a laser show ,which was really the best one that I have ever seen in my life.Awesome one .

Then ,Later at 6 30 i guess we left Wonder-la ,hopped on a bus to Satellite bus stand,n then I got down at Nayandana halli ,which is near to the place where I live.I waved goodbye to my friends and reached home at 8 .It was then that i checked my body temperature ,where i found that it was 100 degree Fahrenheit..
Shivering with fever ,mom gave some home medicine ..But it was in vain.Went to hospital and got the treatment. Now , I am as good as I will ever be.. started to listen to my Dads old AIR radio.. (i.e.. When i was like you…. Blah.. Blah.. ) and stuff like that.. But I also remember that this is the last year of my Engineering life and i was always planning to go to some trip with our classmates ,which might be a day dream once you enter the real tough life.

Karthik L


16 thoughts on “Wonder-la Trip.. :)

  1. Waaaaaw man!!!!:)…..its like i felt dat i myself experienced the whole of it………..its reallly a lovely and lively BLOG…….keep blogging……….awesome …………welll y don u write some boookssss?I surely know dat it willl become a best seller!!:)keep going like dis…..!!!:)

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