Friends here is the step by step procedure for port forwarding the BSNL modem UT300R2U.

Please follow the steps in sequence so that you would not mess up at the end. [:)]
Step 1: First assign a static IP adress in the network connection ,
That is go to start -> Control Panes -> Network and Internet connection ->Internet Connections
->Local Area Connection ->Right click (properties ) ->TCP /Ip -> properties ->
Assign the following details .

IP address :
Subnet Mask :
Default gateway :

Preferrend DNS server :
Alternate DNS server :

click Ok and exit

Step 2: Go to start- >Control Panes -> Security center -> Windows Firewall ->Exceptions ->
In this you get an option of add port
Click on that
and Enter
Name : utorrent (any name)
Port :6881
Type :TCP

again click on add port
and enter
Name : utorrent (any name)
Port :6881
Type :UDP

click ok
and exit

step 3: Now go to IE or Mozilla ..And in the url type

step 4: go to Advanced setup ->Security -> IP filtering ->Incoming ->
there click add
and then type
Filter name :utorrent
Protocol :TCP/UDP
source address:
Mask :
source port :6881
Save it

Step 5:
Nat ->DMZ host ->at the DMZ host IP address
click save .

That’s it

The port 6881 is now forwarded and can now listen all the incoming signals.
Go to utorrent -> settings -> Conection ->
In thsis change Port used for incoming to 6881.
click apply .

Restart the computer and your port will be forwarded .
Thus you can get maximum download speed .

ANy suggestion is appreciated .


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