Auto rebooting of the modem

Hello friends, Here is a sequence of steps where in you can auto reboot the Modem UT300R2U.
This is helpful for the BSNL users who have Night UNLIMITED download option from 2 am to 8 am .[:)]
I assume that you guys are using utorrent tool for downloading.

ok, let us get into the task .
Step 1: Go to the C drive and create a folder by name say …tc10 [:)]. { Easy right }. .!!
Step 2 : Inside this folder create a new notepad.
sterp 3 : just type the following command in this notepad.
cd c:\tst10
tst10.exe /r:script.txt

Step 4 :Save it and give the rename as Restart.bat
{.bat is very important.. Its actually a batch file that u r creating. !! }
Step 5: Once done with the above task. now download all the following stuff and put it on the folder tc10 , that u have created. I guess its quite easy job. [:)].
A telnet software .TELNET
A text file that has a script.! Script
A Shutdown software SHUTDOWN
Ah.. I guess 3/4th of the job is done..Now its just scheduling .. that is.. Go to Start-> Accessories -> System tools->Task scheduler..
Now just add the task as follows.
2 :10 AM : add restart.exe
2 :12 AM :add utorrent
7 :55 AM :add restart1.exe (ITS same as restart .exe just two different names,as same name is not accepted twice.)[ :)]
8 :AM :add shutdown.exe

That’s it .
Keep the computer on standBy .and sleep happily,without any tension.[:)]. {please create an adminstrative account and is required to run scheduling task.} .
I hope the Blog was useful. Any comments accepted! .
Your’s Karthik L

Any suggestions appreciated!!

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