My First Experience Of Job Interview

First I would like to convey regards to my parents ,lecturers and to my dearest and nearest friends. I got placed at SUBEX after quite a long process of selection .K, let me not bore you by dragging the context.

1st Round was about basic C concepts .It was objective one and 20 Questions were given .No negative marks (so happily you can take the risk of selecting any one of the given options ).

2nd Round was about objective C – 20 questions (20 min )(includes negative marking of .25 ) and for another 15 min was to write a C program (The program which I got was to calculate the number of days given the 2 dates as input in the dd-mm-yyyy format ) .
The objective questions can be found in the net. Some of the useful links that helped me are
Geek interview

The next 2 round were technical rounds.
Some of the questions asked were :
1.Write the prototype of Strlen () function and write your own strlength function .
2.What is the difference between the following,
struct test {
int a;
float b;
char c;

struct test {
char c;
int a;
float b

3. Write a function to create memory for a variable using dynamic memory allocation technique but make sure that the return type is void.
(so he expected an abstract function where in you can pass the address of a pointer to a function and in that function you can create the memory . So for the function for which you pass pointer ,the return type is void)

4. What is a void pointer,?

5. Reverse a linked list using a single pointer.

Well that’s it.No more questions.The interview was about 30 min .

The 4th round was also based on technical stuff
The questions asked were

1. What are the difference between LINUX and WINDOWS architecture ( I had written in my Resume that i use both the OS )
Ans: Tell about the thread management, The Security issues, the Storage /Allocation method ,Authorization ,Kernel .
2. What do you know about Agile methods.
3.What Are the different scheduling algorithm in OS
4.What does templates mean in C++? write one example.
5.Tell me about your Project ( I explained him about that)
6.He asked questions based on FILES ,OSTREAM,ISTREAM ,READ and WRITE.
7.Asked me to data bus and memory bus in Computer organisation ( I said ,but I knew it was wrong!!)
8.What do you expect from us. I mean where do you think we will put you ? (huff, atleast one non technical question ..Great ! 🙂 )
9.How do you declare a variable that can hold n-number of rows and columns.
Ans : chat a**;

That’s it.
I passed these two rounds ,so they said to come on next week for HR round,

1st HR round. In this round well it was quite fun .The questions asked were.
1.Assume that one fine day you wake up ,and you see that you are in an island. GIve me 5 options of how you can save yourself from being dead.
2.He gave me a matchstick problem.
By just changing the position of 3 match sticks you should change the direction of fish,
the solution is as follows.
Initial Pic.
Initial PIC
Final Pic Final Pic
3.He gave me this and asked to count the number of triangles,
4.He asked to explain the project that I have done in the way explained to a farmer. (Did u Line follower Robot)
The rest were just about my family background, why subex ? tell me about yourself, and stuff like that, quite Informal .

The final HR was actually a VP round, where in Vice president of HR (Technical ) will interview us.
I was really tensed about this round as I have heard that lof of people get eliminated in this round. 😦
The questions asked for me in this round were :
1.Tell me something about yourself.
2.What do you expect from us?
3.What is merge sort ,write the program .what is the time complexity and space complexity of merge sort ?
4.What do you know about Software Engineering ?
That’s it.. only 2 technical questions.. 🙂 .
Then some informal talk..of 20 min.

Finally after a week i got the result and I was surprised to see that 3 people from our college were selected and I was one among them.. 🙂

One thing I would like to say is that , “Please be what you are,Do not pretend to be someone else for the sake of pleasing others. “, and “Answer with full confidence and with a small smile in your face ” . You do this ,I bet the day will be yours.

With Regards
Karthik L .

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