Airtel Love Tips

Previously I was working in a software company where we used to have a product that finds fraudsters and help the mobile service providers to enhance their revenue. But offlate I felt ‘Well are  there any people who are really fraudsters ,who actually  do not pay money….. or is it the other way round ??? !!” .
What I meant is , these days , so called  mobile service providers have found some nasty ways of making money and fooling people to generate revenue at the cost of making a whole hole into the customers pocket (Hope you get it what I meant 😛 ).

My mom uses her mobile only for calling purpose.She doesn’t use it for sending messages. But today when I saw her mobile I was amazed to see there were 150 unread messages in her inbox. For a moment I was shock as who the heck will send message to my mom who is 53 (no offense mom:) and have 4 grandchildren. Well , I was curious about the message and the sender .
So I opened the inbox and to my surprise ,all the messages were sent by so called one of the best mobile service provider company called AIRTEL. I opened each and every message only to find that there were all related to LOVE. Thus my mom was receiving LOVE TIPS, and that to like a doctor’s prescription of taking medicine 3 times a day, this sms would popup 5 times a day !!!!
I asked my  mom whether you have  really subscribed for LOVE TIPS in order to get some gyan and  propose dad once again…. after 30 years of married life ? 😉 .. lol she was coed by my question :)..anyways finally I came to know that these stupid AIRTEL guys have automatically subscribed these stuff for her  and on top of that have charged  Rs 50  a month ..huff!!

The same goes with my dad.He uses his mobile only for calls. He says its better to have a call with people rather than sending  sms.I just saw his mobile and…. “yo!! u r right . There were 300 unread messages in his inbox “… I was surprised and when I opened it , I saw…. not only there were LOVE TIPS but along with that there were ….ASTROLOGY TIPS, SPORT TIPS,JOKES,NEWS, Advertisements from Universities for higher  education (HE IS 63 😀 !!) , GYM TIPS (God knows what my dad does if he joins GYM 😛 ) and so on…and then I understood when he says that he recharges for 100 Rs and within a week, when he checks the balance , it used to be 10 Rs. So now I got to know the real culprit and what are they upto.
Finally ,  all I wanted to say is ,  be very careful among these service providers and always keep a check on the balance , because you never know when AIRTEL (or any other service providers) fall in love with you and start sending LOVE TIPS 😛

Regards ,
Karthik L

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