Story with a Moral!

For fun

Long back when I was kid I read this story. Thought of sharing with you . Here it goes . Once upon a time there were 2 guys in a village called Rampur. One was Daki and the other was Naki. Daki was very clever and intelligent boy. He stood first in his class and used to be very calm. Contrary  Naki was very bad. He was very mischievous and used to harm many others in the class. He never used to do his homework and was also stealing food from others.  He was very jealous about Daki and decided to bring him down in front of all so that he can be a superhero .

So it was a beautiful day and everyone were in the class waiting for the class teacher to get in. Naki thought it was the right time to nail down Daki and he went to the class  platform and addressed everyone telling ” Hey guys , you know what I had a dream yesterday and Daki was there in that.” Everybody stopped talking and looked towards Naki.  He continued ” So it was like I and Daki were heading towards our home.  All of a sudden we saw 2 big pot holes.  We both fell into each of them . One pot hole was filled with Honey and I fell into it and the other pot hole was filled with mud and dirt and Daki fell in to it.. Ha ha ha ” . There was pin drop silence in the class and all of them were  waiting for Daki’s reaction.

Daki’s in his calm tone stood up and told ” Hey Naki, what  a surprise man. Even I had the same dream. It was exactly the same what you told and yeah I remember me   falling  into pot hole which had mud and dirt. But we did not stop there right? The dream continued. I stood up and even you stood up. Then both of them started licking our face!!!!!!!. After that we headed back to our house .Am I right Naki 🙂 :P. ” There was a huge applause in the class and everyone appreciated Daki’s intelligence.

So moral of the story. — “Use Sleepwell mattress to have a dreamproof sleep and stop blowing your own triumphant  :P:P “

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