A day at Parikrma!

It was 3rd May of 2012. Bangalore was just waking up. There were birds chirping all over. It was indeed a pleasant day to start of. I knew that this day was something special to me.I was going to meet special students,thereby having fun,learn ,think ,play and act.

It was 9 AM when I reached Parikrma. Parikrma Humanity Foundation is a charity that is transforming education for underserved children , so they can have equal access to the best opportunities. In short they are doing good work :). I had already bugged 2 constables, 1 chai wala, 1 auto driver and with great exertion I reached Parikrma.  When I reached there I thought “ I am gonna be the first person to reach there 🙂  “ , but to my surprise my friend Nikita had already arrived  and was holding a big white coloured plastic cover full of white sheets and sketch pens.

We had come to Parikrma from Cisco  as it was our day off service. I personally appreciate Cisco for such initiatives where its like giving back something to the society.When I reached there , Mr Ajay  (he was a full time teacher at Parikrma) greeted us and said “Well , Karthik and Nikita ..there are 40 students over here and do you think you can handle them? “. We said… “Ajay, we think ..we can!”.

We went inside the classroom and that reminded me my childhood days. Children greeted us by saying “Gooooooood Moooooorning….!!!!” , and yeah I remembered “ I used to do the same thing whenever a teacher comes  into the class 🙂 “.

I and Nikita, greeted them back. Me and Niktha knew as what we need actually need to do but were confused as where and how to start :). Our Agenda was to make children write stories based on the pics that we show to them. This would artistry these young minds and this is what we intended  to. Along with story writing we had another task with us. We wanted to children to draw comics pictures and thus dictating a small story.

I started the event by telling them an incident that happened in life of Sir M Visvesvaraya. Sir M Visvesvaraya was indeed very canny. He was a great engineer, scholar ,statesman and so on .  I wanted to show how confidence and honest he was in his work. The incident was about the KRS dam….how an engineer was doubtful about the strength of the dam and how Sir M.V convinced him and made him realized the strength of KRS.

Things went pretty well, and Nikita took over the task. She really worked hard in bringing out the paper cuts of pictures. She explained as what needs to be done. She also gave  an example as how a story can be made by encompassing all these pictures .There were pictures like “ a tiger, a river stream, a jungle, a hut, a sage….and so on” . Children started to write and we were perplexed to look how innovative and creative these children are. There were lots of stories written. One girl by name Sangeeta wrote really beautiful story and when I read that I thought… “man.. I need to give life to this story” . I called Nikita and told her that why can’t we enact this story and she eagerly said YES !!. Thus I called 2 guys named Sathya and Prashanth L and described them what their role is and what they have to do. We named the story as “ 2 Firends in the Jungle”.  Nikita  played the tiger role in the act 😛 . I and sathya played the friends role. Prashant played the role of the sage. It was really a fun act and everyone enjoyed it.

Time elapsed and we jumped to the next task. Though the task was straightforward  of drawing comic and building a story…some children started to frown :). Well I guess they were of  my type. Nikita was damn good at drawing pictures, but I am very very bad at it. I drew a fox on the board and it came to be water tap attached to a wall!!! God bless my Imagination. There were some kids struggling to get the pictures but some of them drew very well ..especially Soundarya.

It was almost time for us to get back to office and Ajay asked me if there is anything to be completed as the kids were gearing up for soccer :). I and Nikita had brought some chocolates and we distributed to them. We felt happy as we saw kids munching chocolates and enjoying it. We left Parikrma and reached office.Its been 2 weeks after we volunteered there, I can still feel the freshness of memories that I enjoyed over there.

I wanted to end this article with a small quote.

Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn’t developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don’t expect to see. -DOUGLAS ADAMS


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