Stop killing me

Namaskara to so  called intelligent politicians of India. Look I am not going to tell you a big story . All I want to say is STOP. Stop killing us day by day. I remember the  last time when you came to our village for canvasing .You said you will be providing food, shelter and help us in giving subsidized seeds.I believed in you.I said to my kids that “we will no longer have to stay starved”. I promised them.. yes.. I did 😦 . I could see sparkle in kids eyes. They believed me. They believed you sir :(.. but what you did ? You won the election. Not even once you made an attempt to come to our village.

You sit in an AC room , with AC car for your  transportation.But what about us sir. We are still in the same filthy condition. The seed that were given to us , was of bad quality. I bought them and sowed getting nothing out of it , but just the misery. People started telling story about you that you had some connection with the multinational seed company and as a result they bribed you and you allowed them to sell their seeds to us and the result as mentioned we were ruined .

But you know what, I still believed in you. I had a small ray of hope that you will help us. It was the time of drought and animals were dying. I lost both my cows Gowri and Lakshmi , and for me it was like  I lost my 2 kids 😦 , .Sir , it was like I killed them. I was not able to feed them because I was not able to feed myself.  And you ?…you  did not even turned up.A committee sent by you , came here ..had fun ..prepared a report and went back. I really don’t know what was the result  or report 😦 .

Sir, one thing I wanted to tell you . It was May 1st week and I was still struggling to get food for my kids. It was monday and I promised my kids Padma and Kumar  that I will bring them Ragi flour at evening. They had not eaten for 4 days.We lived on water. Yes sir, just water.

It was evening the same day when I reached home  and there stood lot of people at my house. When I stepped in I saw my kids and my wife  were dead :(. because of hunger … they were dead. And now I am  the only one left Sir . I am ready to die. You can kill me. But before  I die I  want   answers for these simple questions. When are you going to change? When are you going to stop ravaging us. When are you going to realize that its people who matters and not the money. Its people who have life and not the money. Its people hard work money that you are enjoying with.

Tired..sir… I am tired. I am not sure I will not be seeing tomorrow’s  sun, because the sun in me is going to die today.

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