Me to We

Hi All,

We have seen from past several years how people like us (so called Techies ) trying not to be so active on he issues going in the society. We just think as how can we get promotion  in our carrier , how can we get a good house , which car to buy…..blah blah blah ..and blah blah blah. Great we have to be like that….there is nothing wrong in it. We need to aspire for best things in our life as we are not saints to np…to worldly pleasures …right.. :).. But what I wanted to tell is , there should be a balance among these things .  There should be a balance in the society. When there is an injustice that has happened we need to speak out until its too late,  because if we do not speak out , then I am sure there will be none to speak out when it happens to us.

This play is one such effort where it depicts the common mentality of we (IT employees) tend to have. I want them to come around this play and give a moment of thought on what and where are we heading to. By this way I hope we can bring an awareness among techies and making them realize that life is not just about ” Me , My money and My success ” 🙂


Thanks ,




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