Friendship Day !

I don’t know why people just restrict friendship day to a  ‘day’. Come on….its a ship…..its a friendship just can’t be a day..and it shouldn’t ….its should be celebrated the whole year… your entire life. Now… that is a friendship. I have seen many of my friends who are you know really wired.. 🙂 But its actually fun 😛

Its so happened that in My engineering days I actually bunked a class. Incidentally it lead to a mass bunk. Apart from few guys and gals  almost entire class was empty. Our director was pissed off and he asked everyone to come with their parents the next day.  My ass was on fire because it was 2nd sem and I don’t want to screw any thing initially in my college days.

And here was my friend Nakul. He called and told .. “dude, tell me whom do u want. Mom…dad…uncle…dodappa..chikkappa… any one.. U name it and tomr they will be your relatives :). don’t worry on this bald head director…be a man karthik 😀 ” … and I was like… “ok bro..thanks… hope u doesn’t bring any girl friend as such ” …

Friends are like that.. They laugh when u laugh …be there with u when u r sad….. and they enjoy your success and happiness then you .

There are lots of  other such experience which I will share in few weeks..

Once again “A very happy friendship day(year)… ” to all my friends  and enemies (if any) 🙂

Regards ,


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