SavanaDurga Rock Climb

Its been a month since I have kept this article in draft with lots of edits  going in. It so happens that whenever some idea creeps in my mind I keep updating this article. Anyways today I have decided no matter what I need to complete this article and share with you all.

It was  4 30 AM , Saturday morning when I left my home and started heading to Nayandanahalli. 4 of my colleagues were coming on the way to Nayandanahalli to pick me up. We were heading to SavanaDurga . I was picked up and we reached our destination around 5 30 AM . To start with it was dark 😛 . I could see nothing : ).  But the temperature was normal , and we were all geared up to start our rock climb.

Chetan,Srikanth , Katudia and Prakash were the ones who joined to our climb. Before sharing our experience I want you to know what is Savanadurga and where is it located.

Savandurga is located around 20 kms from DoddaAaladaMara near Magadi. Savanadurga hill is considered as the largest Monolithic hill in Asia :). People say its formed by 2 hills .Karigudde (black hill ) and Biligudde (White hill). The hill rises to 1226 m above mean sea level and forms a part of the Deccan plateau. It consists of peninsular gneiss, granites, basic dykes and laterites. The Arkavathi river passes nearby through the Thippagondanahalli reservoir and on towards Manchanabele dam.

I don’t know who/which group has taken all the effort to mark the directions  in white paint all the way up to the hill. So All you need is to follow the light post or the white marking eventually to reach the hill top.

There is a temple at top of Basaveshwara. Make sure that you have atleast a liter of water per person as there is nothing that you can get at top except to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Prakash and Chetan were in a race as who will reach the hill top first 🙂 .Obviously I was knocked out initially 😛 by looking at the pace I was climbing . Man….Technically speaking  the hill is at 75 degrees slant. So you can Imagine now how difficult it is to climb the hill.

We took almost 2 hrs to reach the top . The feeling, excitement that you get when you reach the top is just unexplained. You need to climb that inorder to enjoy it 😀

We starting heading down the hill and by 9 30 we reached the base. Headed towards  Bangalore and I reached home by 12 .  All that I wanna say is come out of home, leave your mobile phone, laptops and all other gadgets , pull out a car/bike and just drive to savanadurga , enjoy the satisfaction of climbing the rock hill…. come back home …share experience and have fun. Isn’t this the perfect way to enjoy your weekend ? 🙂

Regards .



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