Indeed it was a superb day to start a weekend. Yes  it was 3 AM and i was preparing slides for my presentation on different software licensing. 🙂

As a  part of FSMK  (Free Software Movement, karnataka )  I had been to SJBIT to give a talk on licensing. There were 2 more technical session that happened. One was on Tor , by Karthic Rao and the other was SQL Injection by Santosh Kumar. Both the folks were from Dr  AIT college and they are currently pursuing their 5th sem engineering..nerdy ..geek guys!!! With them was Rohit. One more nerdy… 🙂 and this was our Team ..!! hey…how can I forget our senior FSMK member Senthil  :D… yes ….it was Senthil..who gave a start .

He started the session with intro to Free software, “free” as in “freedom”…  He told them the story of “Ekalavya” ,”Arjuna” , “DhronaCharya” and how the same story applies today taking  “free software ( Debian) and Proprietary software( Microsoft ) as analogy.

There was witty,humor , philosophy , fun,excitement and other stuff among students in these 20 mins that Senthil took… But it did not stop there. !! Santosh and Karthic Rao made sure to keep the momentum going…and they made the session exciting as possible !.

I took the session on Licensing .. What are the different levels of licensing available , why license plays a major role in IT or wrt software as such, Difference btw open source and free software or free software and free ware and many other related terms.

Following that Karthic Rao showed us the importance of… why should we hide our IP address, why should be browse anonymously and how tor helps us to achieve this. It was indeed a worth learning.

Followed  by was Santosh Kumar session . He hacked some Pakistan websites on the fly using SQL Injection . It was damn fun. I was amazed to see as how it worked !! God.. 😀 ..genius guys  :)..   He hacked Pkmototrs website and was able to get the admin username  and password.

Over all , indeed it was an awesome session. Got to know lots of people of different interests .  Now last but not the least , food section! Went to SJBIT canteen after the session. Senthil sponsored chole batura !! ..I was pretty surprised as it tasted good :D.. Infact we were damn hungry as well 🙂 … During lunch time we had some light moments among ourselves ..got to know what is “BBB “!!! ..well lets keep it secret 😛 …Going forward we are conducting such sessions and I hope the GLUG at SJBIT..will work at its  best ,learn…and come up with some open source projects and help ,develop the community of free software .




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