Time Management !

I have seen many people around me , who always blabber about time.. They always say … “hey , you know what ..I am damn busy.. loads of work to do… Damn… 24 hrs is not at all sufficient !! ” . Well, to be candid with you , I do come in the same category.

When I think that I have less time , I do think of great people who have made wonders in this world ,and they still did have the same amount of time that we do have. So if they were possible to achieve wonders then why can’t we.. I mean..why can’t I? What’s stopping me to get that extra level ? what’s hindering me ..that makes me always hurry..or rush at the ‘n’th moment of any task. ? Why is that I/we work on Rocket principle ..meaning ..we only work hard when our ass is on fire. !

Hmm., as of now I don’t have a solid answer to these question so that I can justify them. But one thing which I have seen among all the successful people is that ..they have an unbeatable passion on things that they want/wish to. Its the passion and the perseverance that keeps them going .That is the extra fuel that they have that keeps them ahead from others.


So , though late but not too late ..I am still listening to my inner voice as what’s my aspiration is …so that I can keep it  going and get those extra mile of  success 🙂


Regards ,


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