Abraham Kovoor
The legend !


Read a book written by Dr Abraham Kovoor. You can find him at  God, what a book. Many thanks to my FSMK folks,specially to Jai and Senthil. I took entire one day to complete this book. The book emphasizes on the work done by Dr Abraham Kovoor.   🙂 .  He is a  man of legend .

I have never come across a person with such a clear and focused view. He knew what he was doing. In his book he has illustrated many shocking incidents where how  innocent people  were being  an easy prey to so called “dongi baba’s” . He shows what exactly does these baba’s do , what and when do they perform  their trick and fool people. 🙂

Almost all the cases  ,he has challenged all over the world to show and prove dark magic. In the year 1960 itself he declared an award of 1Lakh Rs for those  who proved that there exists evil spirits /ghosts…. super natural power ..and so on.  The funny part is till now (Now Kovoor is no more ,but his son has taken up the awarenses campaign) no one has won that cash prize. :D… I guess its time for all the Baba’s to form a union and fight against this :P..he he. anyways… Now its for me to change my mindset .Though I do not believe ghost or other super natural power.. but I do believe in god. Because I don’t think that he might help me ..all I think is he might give me the courage to fight in my difficult times and keep my moral up.

Do read this book when you have time : )


Regards ,



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