A day on Dialectics @ FSMK .


It was Sunday , 10 AM in the morning.  We were all seated down at FSMK office. The agenda was to discuss about Philosophy of Dialectics . Bajaji took up the presentation part and went us through the topics of Dialectics.  People have spent their entire life time to read and study on Dialectics . Though in eastern countries we see this by the name “Dwaitha, Advaitha, Veda, Upanishad, Buddhism  ” and so on.. where as in the western countries we look them as ” principle of Socrates , Plato and so on “.

Having said that , we need to know and understand what Dialectics mean .As far as I understand , I think and believe that Dialectics is nothing but a constant change in the process in a disciplined manner , making sure that there exist always two opposing forces acting  on one another.  Yes ofcourse , there are many other definitions available , but this one is my definition on Dialectics .

According to Hegel  ” Everything is transient and finite, existing in the medium of time”.  He puts a point that there is no such thing that you can point out and say ‘it never changes’. There aren’t any. Balaji went through the session and after the session there was an hour of discussion /debates among the members on Dialectics .

Balaji explained some part of Dialectics  by comparing it to the Newtons 3rd Law of Motion which states “for every action, there is equal and opposite reaction”. Dialectics  says  when there is a action ..even the reaction would have been occurred simultaneously. For example consider you are hitting to the wall. You think that the action is just you hitting the wall and nothing else. But , simultaneously there would be a reaction that the wall would have enforced on you.

Consider one more example for the Dialectics of “opposing force acting together” . In a company, a  worker tries to earn more by doing less work whereas the management wants the manger to get more work from the worker. Similarly consider one more example where teacher at a school wants to teach less (take less effort) but she wants to get the maximum out of a bright student.  But student will be bright only when he gets a good teacher who teaches well :).

There were lots of other exciting discussion that we encountered at FSMK , apart from what I have just put here.

Going forward what I think is to use Dialectics in my life , and to decide , question myself in what I am doing. The next step would be to use Dialectics principle for the socio-economic cause and bring some changes in the society. But to start with I guess FSMK has set out a


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