Why this hurry worry di?

Its quite funny to say but we all actually see it happening. We people are always in rush. No matter where we are…what we do..we tend to do it as quick, as fast as possible.:) ..Lets take some examples that we see in our daily lives .

Look at the bus stand. People will be waiting for the bus to come into bus stand , and the moment the bus comes , there is a whole lot of rush to get  into the bus 🙂 ..again people would be in hurry to get the ticket… is that it ?.. no..wait… again even though its would be the last stop of the bus , people get up 2 stops earlier , go near the foot board and swing their body on to air 😛 , and get down in the bus stop. This has happened many a times to me, as my stop..” Chandra Layout” is  the last stop for all the buses.

The next would be in traffic signals.. Whoa..that’s a whole lot of  fun. People who drive vehicles here know what’s the whole drama is about. At first, bikers never care about Zebra crossing lane.  They never think its for people ,they think the whole zebra crossing is for them to gear up and get ready to drive when the signal turns orange.. yeah..you got it right :)..we don’t wait for green.. Orange light is equivalent to green in our cases :).. you see orange..you just buzz…. :D.

What about in theaters ?..ha ha..you know that there is seat reserved for you and that there is a sear number mentioned on the ticket, but still as the doors opens, we rush and rush..to get our seat 🙂 .crazy though….. there is again a rush to come out of theater  after the movie ?..l:)

Last but not the least.. consider..hotels :D…you can experience a whole bunch of  comedy scenes.  People order food… and then every time the waiter passes them..they stare at him :P… say if it gets a  minute late…. wording start striking waiter…. “Hey man, where is ordered item? ..do you need to go to market and get vegetables and then cook it and serve.. its already late… ” .. :D…oh god…bless them :).. and again …that doesn’t end here , they start showing their boisterous attitude on the poor guy…until they get their bill. Even that has to be delivered asap. :D….

Well, I guess this is what we are… this is what we are made up of…. this is the attitude that we have developed looking at our surroundings… this is what our environment has influenced  upon us ! I don’t know when or how we can change this…hmmm..hey by te way , I am on hurry now to go to office so do comment here when you are not hurry  😛 🙂 …


Regards ,



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