Confession of Economic Hitman


When “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” book was given to me by my friend jay , I didn’t thought that .. this one book would change my views on United States of America.  The book was written by John Perkins, and he was one of EHM(Economic Hit Man).  If  you get questions like …who are these? what are their operations ? Are they related to CIA ?What is EHM…then do read the entire blog.

In short ..I would say EHM were a group of people who were (in)famous economists ,who actually predict the economic growth of a country. So for example, Say these people based on some (?) statistics predict that ” In India, for next 10 years the economic growth would be 20 %” , its simply means that today If you invest on something worth of 100Rs , in next 10years you would get a return of 120 Rs “…as simple as that.

And this is what US has taken for their advantage. Yes.. The operation of US is very simple. They bribe these EHM and project the economic growth of a country biased to their interest. Lets us take an example so that you can get a clear picture.

United States of America wants to be an undoubtedly super power of the world. And they know that OIL is one major thing which actually gives them the power. So they go to countries like Venezuela , Ecuador , Iran or Iraq or Saudi for that matter…. tell them that they are going to fund… through USAID ( United States Agency for International Development ) , and they provide all the development activities for the country like.. transportation , telecommunication and other hi-tech (ONLY US BASED COUNTRIES SHOULD BE INVOLVED FOR DEVELOPMENT, THUS MONEY GOES BACK TO US) infrastructure , and since the economic growth is 20 -25 % , the respective country can clear the debt in few years.Even the EHM group project the economic growth in two digits whereas they are sure that this would not even cross 2 percent :(.


So , the more they give the money to these countries ,the more the power they can impose on…!!… they also knew that no matter what these countries  can’t return back their money in the speculated time, they just come to the actual deal of exploiting the natural resource. And the highest demand among natural resources is nothing but OIL.  That’s it..they got it right straight away. I was perplexed to see how EHM operation goes  on and this book reveals each and entire events occurred when John Perkins was there and working at MAIN.

The more I read , I realize the less I know. Even to this day I heard a political discussion on funding to INDIA from USAID, to improve (?) India’s Infrastructure. Is there anyway to stop (?) this. Even if the answer if yes , I am just skeptic about it . 😦

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