What is Democracy In India

When I was in school I remember I used to  write in the exam… “Democracy is a government  system which is  ruled by the people, for the people and consisting of the people”, for the same old question “What is democracy ? ” . But then eventually I started figuring out that what I wrote and what exactly it is are in fact antipodal.

Though it is quite late that I realized what truly a democracy is, I am thinking of giving a new meaning to it. According to me Democracy is “Taking money from the people,by the people and working not to the people” . Look at each and every MLA. Before election his asset would be of 10 lakh, but after one full term it would reach 30 crores. How the hell can one earn such a huge amount in a span of 5 years ??? I guess  MBA students from Harward , MIT ,Standford should come here and do there case study ..as “how to become a successful businessman “.Infact apart few, almost all politicians own some or the other business firms and make sure that their firms runs in profit.

These days  in our country scams have become like a game show. No one trusts anyone ,because they themselves don’t know in what scams they are involved in. 🙂 lol 🙂

Recently , it was 2G scam, then next biggest hit was Coal scam now it seems that the award goes to thorium scam for a record breaking of 40 lakh crores !! On the other day my friend was saying to me. “Hey karthik, If the GDP of our country would have been measured using the “depth” of scam that India is involved in , I guess even America would not be a match to us. ” :). I thought he had a point :)..

So in coming year we are going to elect our Netas (?) (Businessman) and allow them to “serve” our country. Its in our hand to elect a “real” Neta, who can be real “Netra” (Eyes) and can serve our country.Hope you would not do the same mistake that which cannot be undone 4 years back.

Regards ,



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