21st Century Modern Caste System

Its so happened that,  I had been to a small town which is a part of TamilNadu. Well , I don’t want to mention the name of the place nor the people I met. I want to keep it anonymous. But the fact what I heard ,the stories that they told,  the reality that was happening there was just shocking.

I know many of us are from Bangalore and they would have not felt the heat of so called casteism.But out there  over villages ,people still die in the name of caste. If I am not wrong ,recently 3 people were killed at Chikmagalur, the reason being that a girl from one community loved a guy from another community. That’s it ..as a result …3 people were down. Another incident happened at Mandya, where a girl was burnt alive as she was in love with a guy who was of low caste. And to my surprise people call such an act as Maryada Hatya or Honour killing. 😦 .  I think Honour killing is becoming a trend   😦 I see nearly 20 cases happening all over India in past 6 months. 😦 ..including Bihar and Gujarath.

I request you to go to this page http://www.southasiamail.com/news.php?id=94262 and read up the story. Its just shocking. can you believe a 10 mt wall being built just to keep Dalit away from the so called “higher caste” group ?. Why this discremenation ? aren’t they have right to live like we do ?

The below incident is too ridiculous .

Another incident of untouchability has crossed all the limits. One Mr Jayan had registered himself with tamilmatrimony.com in order to find a life partner. He is a Christian and was registered in that category. When a few proposals came for him, he surfed some of the profiles. In one profile, “caste no bar” was mentioned. He was happy to see that. But his happiness did not last for more than a moment. The very next column said “SC/ST excuse.” Jayan was furious to see that. He did not stop there. He called up the contact number and blasted them. His argument was: people may prefer one or another particular caste in the matrimony ads, but how come these people could say, “we do not want these and these castes.” He rang up a few newspaper offices to give vent to his anger. He said, “This is untouchability modernised. In fact, the website that offers this service should pull up its socks. The software that serves the purpose of casteist requirements should be thrown away by the tamilmatrimony.com.”

Damn.. isn’t it crazy.. is this what we call  Globalization…Rising India…. Shining India…  ?Finally , I just want you to think a second about this issue. Aren’t all the people have equal right to live within ? Forget about the government, I think its we who have to change ourselves in order to bring some change in the system.  We should be the reason for  a change. We should start looking at the system in a way that was never looked before. I have started  my part of looking at it . Haven’t you ?


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