Hundred Ways to Die than to live !


Watching NEWS today I was shocked to see that a 6 year old innocent boy ,who was playing at K.R. MARKET with his brother was dead  when he  accidentally fell from 1st floor. You think , it was boy’s fault ? Sorry.. it was not, because our BBMP is so careless that they forgot to repair the Iron fence that was put loooooong time ago.. ! :(. If they had set it right , I think  by now , the boy would have been in his home playing happily. 

I still remember an incident which happened last year. A BBM studying girl from Maharani college was waiting for bus. There was a downpour and one side of an old (BBMP) building got collapsed and this girl was beneath it. 

Famiies from  Puttur and Belthangady (Dakshina Kannada) are still suffering from the evil of endosulfan , where in kids are physically and mentally challenged . Endosulfan is used in agriculture to prevent insects . Though it is banned in almost all the countries in the world,  we (government) whole heartily welcomed it , and used it. As a result, now an entire generation in those places are living their life like hell. Well its all because of bureaucrats and politicians.  

Now this was just a sample. It was just about Bangalore.Now think of Karnataka. Every week  there is one farmer suicide case in North Karnataka. And please do not ask about TamilNadu or AP. The situation is much worse there. If I want to talk about India then I can say its Royally screwed.

I think in India there is no value for life. Work happens here only if someone dies and gets notified , Or else we just warm chairs sitting our ass off. When will this attitude of “chalta hai” ends ? 

Mom’s  asking me to bring groceries now. I am going  out to bring those. God knows what stood ahead of me, waiting and ready to pounce on me. Would continue this when I will be back … —- People say… in India ” there are hundred ways to die than to live “!!

Regards ,


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