5 Necessary extensions for Chrome Browser

There are couple of extensions that I use in google chrome which has made my life easy

Some of them are very helpful and I request you to install the same and make your life a lot better.

1) To start with install Flash Block extension which would disable the display of unwanted flash that comes in webpages

2) You can install Ad block which would block all those stupid ads and also would block popus popping out !

3) Add google dictionary extension which is one of the best addon , which onclick on any word in the browser , it gives you the meaning of what it is and also gives you the option of audio o/p .

4) Install Firebug Lite to check DOM events,elements and to play with HTML Its a must if u are a web developer !!

5) Quick Note is an extension that’s handy which can be used to make some important notes that you need in an unseen situation .

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