C++ Pointers Basics

Hi All,
I have seen lots of people asking difference between const pointer and a pointer pointing to a const object.

pointers !

C++ is lots funny and it so happened that I recently had to come across these feature in my work . for a moment even I was confused , but only when I went to the basic principles ,thing  s got set right.

Ok ,so here is a snippet which should clear your doubt.

int main(){
char const *p1 = "A";
char *const p2= "B";
const char const *p3="C";

//consider the below operation ;
*p2 =”C” ; //Allowed
p2 = “D” ; //Not Allowed

*p1= “C” //Not Allowed
p1= “D” //Allowed

*p3=”C”; //Not allowed
p3=”D” ; //Not allowed
return 0;

PS: const char * and char const * are same because C++ standard suggest that you can put const keyboard in front of a
type or variable.
Though funny that’s how it works 🙂
For more info see below links

click here

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5 thoughts on “C++ Pointers Basics

      1. yeah…agree with you on that, but still as to why pointers were never included in Java or .C#, . I mean reduction of complexity and to security to certain extent can be possible arguments. So was it that the disadvantages weighed more than the advantages. And regarding changing values at the register level, I guess when we come to level of byte manipulation then the question of a programming language turns turtle , because at that point you can modify anything.

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