Trek to Ramadevera Hills


Its been a long time since we have gone for a trek.So at office we decided why not go to Ramadevara Hills.Well this was our 3rd Trek. First was to Savanadurga… (Amazing place I must say 🙂 ). Second was to Shivagange near Tumkur. And this was our third trek.

I left my home at 4 :30 AM and walked through the haunted roads of GangondanaHalli 😛 ;).
After a 20 min was I reached Mysore road NayandanaHalli junction where my other colleagues just arrived at the venue. So I sneaked in and we started !.

Oh how can I miss my morning Tea:) So we stopped near Kumbalgodu.Had a hot tea 🙂 …

and started again. We reached the bottom of Ramadevara Hills around 5 30 AM.
The place is just 40 kms drive from Bangalore.

After a walk of 10 mins on road , we got to see the entrance of temple. It was pretty clean 🙂 ..and could sense the divine energy flowing with us. (Little exaggerating :D)..

I think there are around 300 steps that you need to climb. But once you reach there ,you think its worth the effort 🙂

Chetan , Prakash and Harsha started perfoming Surya Namaskara right at the top of the hill. I was busy eating biscuits and other eatable stuff :D…



So , in a nutshell..its pretty good place to go and hangout.Have some fresh air..which is almost impossible to get these days in Bangalore :)..




By Car ?
Km :40 kms from Bangalore. Duration : 1hr
Place :Ramanagar
Difficulty Level : Easy


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