Thought Provoking Movie

Well I am little disturbed today after watching the movie -Hotel Rwanda.I never heard of that place nor even seen it in Internet until I read an article in one of the local newspaper. I don’t want to tell what happend in Rwanda in August 1993, (just 20 years back) as the entire incident is there in Wikipedia .
Below are some of the actual images that were taken during the time of Genocide.


ready people leaving rwanda as refugee


And here is the link of the movie that I watched.

So what’s really horrifying is the fact that “Is India heading towards that direction?”.In the Rwanda incident approx 800000 people were dead, and the main reason for the civil war was cornered around caste. The Hutu and Tutsi.
Now what are we seeing here in India. Long back Godhra incident at Gujarat, recent kishtwar incident at Jammu, Hyderabad violence, Assam Violence and so on. Where are Indian youths heading towards ? We don’t want a communal war happening in our country killing our own people.But unfortunately, our Indian politicians want communal dispute /war to happen in order to safe guard their vote bank.

So I was thinking what’s the better way to overcome such situation. How can people think and broaden their mind beyond Caste ,Religion,Cultural issue. To be frank, I don’t have any solution for it. But I have suggestion, and that would be Education. If you ask me what’s Independence mean for a country then i would say , a country would be Independent only when the people of the county gets “RIGHT” education, thereby giving them the power to decide what is RIGHT and what is not RIGHT. A country grows only when people of its country grow.

So ,I think we still need to wait for a long time to make sure our country is actually Independent.
PS: This is my own thoughts and nothing to do with the organization I work or represent .

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