How to drive a bike in bangalore

Well , technically its not how to drive, rather it should be how to fly. Bikers in Bangalore gear up everyday for an exciting adventure. The adventure starts from their house and hopefully ends up reaching office/college and vice-versa. So what are the basic prerequisites that you need to know while riding your vehicle.

  • You need to have a proper honking system.  One or many types of honks would be fine 😛  and brakes in working condition are secondary.
  • Don’t worry on which side to overtake. There aren’t such rules  where you need to overtake from right.
  • There are no restriction on how many people can sit and ride on the bike. Only bike is the limit ! It all depends whether the vehicle can pull  you or not and not the rider can pull you or not.
  • Emission –nah..don’t worry about it.  We are busy people and we don’t have time for these environmental issues.
  • You need to learn how to ride on pavements rather than roads. Roads are for other vehicles .
  • You need to learn how quickly you can skip the hidden cavern. So its sort of you being a part of Jumbo circus practice show everyday.


Ahh.. and what are the characteristics  of bikers.

  • Well, just keep honking even though you know that there is a  red-signal and vehicles are lined up in front of you.
  • Bikers just can’t drive using both the wheels, You know it’s stressful. So we just drive in one while and the smart act is called as wheeling !
  • Coming to helmet., shit ..we can’t wear that piece of crap. Helmet is a symbol for loosers . How can we impress our girl if we wear  helmet !! Damn it.
  • Who told we are not multi-tasking. Earphones are an integral part of bikers. Without that we don’t exist . We just keep the volume high and the adrenaline rush keeps us motivated to drive.
  • We are pissed off with Pedestrians . They always disturb us while we are driving on Pavements. Come on..pavements are for bikers.
  • You know we put shades irrespective of whether its day or night. We just put it . Well don’t ask why ? :D.
  • Ah…riding in silence is called dead riding. So we just remove our silencer and make sure to the entire world that we are riding 😛 .

There are tons of it.. but you know , its already late and I need to start my ride back to home. If I start late , I would miss out the main stream traffic and there would be no fun  riding bike without traffic 😛

Yours ,

Bikers of Bangalore.

PS: The post was just for fun but we are experiencing these each and every day. Try not be one of those mentioned above and negate all the above points to be good rider. 🙂

Yours ,

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