Would people be wise this time?



Another few more days Delhi State Assembly elections 2013 is going to hit the ground.  The results would definitely have an impact in upcoming Legislative Elections 2014. I was talking to my friend Aman, who is a volunteer of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Bangalore.

” There may be some differences in Ideology among the people who have got ticket. But one of the major agenda which each and every person joining AAP agrees is to pass Jan Lokpal Bill. ”  says Aman Preeth Singh.

I have seen AAP videos and also speech of Arvind Kejriwal. To me , he looks more promising but again you never know when people turn back. He was a good bureaucrat and was not involved in “UNDER THE TABLE” practice.

I think Its Improbable for AAP to win all the seats and get majority , but for sure there are going to  impact BJP and Congress. Congress already has lost hope with Sheila  Dixit ,who  completed  100th SCAM recently. In fact, she has shown that women are equal to  man in all aspects.

Nevertheless ,Congress is still in favor of Dixit as she has  not done upto to the mark ( She has to increase the SCAM ladder to higher level) and Pappu has also told that she needs “Escape Velocity ” of Pluto to flush out shit of her SCAM, but he is optimist on it.

BJP is not falling behind. They are trying to use LifeBuoy to wash off their scandals done in Karnataka over the past 5 years. Looks like Modi has to bath thrice a day to clean it over.

Saw the website of AAP and I was astonished the details provided by each and every candidate of all 70 seats.

http://delhi.aamaadmiparty.org/Delhi-Elections-2013/CandidateList . Wow.. pretty inspiring. Looks like all the participants have clean image and hope they would be clean even after they win elections.


Jai Hind



2 thoughts on “Would people be wise this time?

  1. It is a very interesting thought, Karthik. We need to be wise when we vote (at least this time!). We cannot repeat the mistakes that have happened last two times.

    Irrespective of which party comes to power, the first aim should be to completely eliminate corruption in India at all levels.

    AAP might be the ideal party for this since it has got a very clean image. This supposedly “clean image” (NaMo) is also being played by BJP this time. I really shudder to think of the possibility where people who vote for this “clean image” split their votes between AAP and BJP and finally we give the power back to Congress! Another five years of Congress is absolutely something that Indian CANNOT afford.

    So, by pure rational thinking, my vote in the Legislative elections might probably be for BJP and not for AAP even though the latter seems the better option any day.

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