SiddaraBetta Trek

It was 5th of Oct 2013.  Time 4:30 AM . I was waiting for my friends to pick me up at Nagarabhavi. At 4 40 AM, Prakash called me and said he was about to reach NagaraBhavi in another 5 mins. Finally 4 45 AM we were all set and started our journey to Siddara Betta. Siddara Betta is 12+Kms from Koratagere in Tumkur district and is around 95+kms away from the Bangalore and 35+kms from Tumkur.

Being close to the Devarayana Durga and the forest surrounding it this place is a good place for a enthusiast bird watcher as well. This stretch of land covering Channarayana Durga, Devarayana Durga etc is the habitat of the Yellow Throated Bulbul.

We reached there around 6 30 AM and started our trek.



Initially for some distance there are steps.In fact till you reach the temple you have steps . But further top the summit you have none. It took almost an hour for us to reach top. Siddara Betta is around 2680 Feet above the sea level. Below are some pics that I took at SiddaraBetta.














The scenic beauty at top is just mesmerizing. Beware of monkeys. There are lots of monkeys just waiting for the right opportunity to grab eatables from you :).



We started to descend and it took just 30 mins to descend. We visited lord Shiva temple there. Got to know that, people who visit  temple ,typically take bath there.  There is a water stream that comes  amid of rock and people over there say it has lots of medicinal power which cures skin disease. (I don’t guarantee that 😛 ). Siddara Betta is a place with lots of caves . Reaching base, we met a guide called Shashidhar(9482463376). He told that the entire Betta can be covered through caves. If given a call he can arrange for a night cave exploration or day cave exploration. Since we never knew about it, I think we will plan again to visit and explore the cave.

We had our breakfast at Tumkur . A hotel called Pavitra is famous for “Thatte Idli”. It was yummy and I had to order 2 plates to fill my tummy 😛 🙂

We started back towards bangalore and around 11 AM I was at home!.

So a good trek to go with friends/Family and spend some quality time.

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