Samskara .. a novel from Dr U R AnathaMurthy written in 1965, which has turned all the upper caste religious people against him  and had  created a wide range of criticism in those days!Yes, here he has explained the way of life, rituals, culture, emotions,  avaricious and so on in a  typical bhramin community.


Upon fathom you would get to know that its not just the bhramin family but in any religion would also have such a similar instance.

A bhramin in an Agrahaara dies. The question arises as who should do his AntyaKriye or Samskara. None of the member from the community come forward, because that guy was consuming Alcohol,has eaten fish/chicken , had relationship with lower caste girl called chandri .  So people did not want to destroy their “bhramanathva”. The story revolves around  different characters  like dassacharya, Praneshacharya ,Naranappa and so on.

I would suggest people to buy this and read once. Though there are little bit exaggeration ,I am sure you will find it funny . I liked the writing style of Dr UR sir , its simple and humorous .




ನಿಮ್ಮದೊಂದು ಉತ್ತರ

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