Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta trek

Hi All,

Last weekend we had been Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta  which is around  64 km from Bangalore ( Banashankari to be precise :P). Difficulty level to this trek is dead easy 😛 In fact there is no trek at all. Its just a easy pathway walk from base to top. The stretch is around 4.4 kms from base .

At base you would find a temple of Shiva.


You can take your vehicle (car/bike/ TT)  from base to top  without any hassle.

We left bangalore around 4 30 AM and reached the base at 5 30. We were told by villagers not to start till 6 as there  might be Elephants around. So we started at 6 15 . You would see this diversion on the way and make sure you take the right path 🙂


Though we started our trek at 6 AM, I would suggest you start after 8AM. Because this terrain is extremely dangerous and at any time  you may encounter elephants herds .

Here are some pics that I love and was captured during the trail.





DSCN9150 DSCN9155



At top you would see a temple


That’s pretty much I have. If you have any queries then do  comment and I will reply 🙂

Regards ,


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