Bengalooru Karaga 2014

It was 10 past 30. I was waiting for Sandeep to get ready. I was very excited because its been 26 years that I am born and brought up in Bangalore, but unfortunately I haven’t been watched World famous Bangalore Karaga .

So this time determined, I and Sandeep took our cameras and headed towards Market. I parked my bike in MINTO Hospital 😛 🙂 , and headed towards KR Market.

Though I thought it might be rush ,  I never thought there would such a huge crowd. It was  a rabble !! . People were busy decorating their goddess and pleasing her ! Or I thought so. 🙂







There were loads of gods that I just lost track of remembering the name of them 😛








Then we started heading to SP Road , where the main temple is situated.  To our lucky we saw Narendra Babu who is one of the local minister heading towards the temple and police were busy escorting him. So I and Sandeep quickly with are cameras on our front followed him. Police might have  thought that we are press reporters and they just allowed us without questioning 😛 🙂

Ah btw, I forgot to mention. You can find all the pics in HD quality here. 🙂

At around 1:15  AM , Karaga was started and people around were very excited. I saw kids who were half asleep ,wake up and start chanting prayers :).

So it went all the way to different places near KR Market like Nagarthpet , SP Road, Sultan pet and so on.  Since I and sandeep had to go to office the next day, we headed back to our home around 4 30 AM.


It was a majestic look over there , and I think if you stay in Bangalore , then next year make sure you visit and watch this . 🙂

Here is a short video that I made . Have a look at it


Thanks ,







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