Revana Siddeshwara Betta

If you have 3 hours of time and If you think that you want to travel just out of Bangalore , Then I would suggest to go to this place. It is situated just 60 kms from Bangalore and I bet watching sunrise/sunset is one of the best thing you can ever get here.

From Wikipedia and official website , this is what I got.

Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Swamy Temple is a Hindu pilgrimage centre situated in Karnataka State in India.

Sri Revanna Siddeshwara believed to be the re-incarnation of Jagadguru Sri Renukacharya the founder of “Veerashaiva Siddantha” (Shaiva Dharma) with a slogan “sarve janaha sukhino bhavanthu” is said to have performed penance at the sacred cave hill which is named after him.

Sri Jagadguru Revana Siddeshwara traveled across the country and left many miracles in helping distressed, poor, and backward people and established socialism and secularism long ago.

The sacred cave hill temple is located on a massive monolithic stone hill surrounded by hilly region in the midst of nature. It is located at Ramanagara taluk, about 65 km away from Bangalore city in Karnataka State.

Devotees visit the temple on all days, with Monday’s, Full moon and New moon days being considered as more auspicious for worship and prayers. The main seva at the temple is Rudrabhisheka which is very sacred for Lord Shiva.

Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Swamy is regarded as one of the greatest Saints of the Shaiva Sect in the Hindu religion.

The temple holds important festivals during Maha Shivaratri. Other important events held are, Renuka Jayanthi Celebrated on Palguna shudha trayodashi

Basava Jayanthi Celebrated on Vyshaka, Shudha, Akshaya Truthiya

5 days Jathra Mahotsava Basaveshwara Konda Mahotsava celebrated on the 3rd Day early in the morning around 3.00 am

Maharathotsava Celebrated on Vaishaka Shudha Pornami (Budda Pornami), the 3rd Day of jatra Mahotsava 12 noon

Laksha Deepotsava Evening of Karthika Amavasya

I left Bangalore around 4 30 PM and reached there by 5 30 PM. Though the temple was closed , I just wanted to enjoy the scenic beauty of sunset.  Its situated near Ramanagara and you need to take a diversion there towards Kanakapura road. To be precise, After Ramanagar busstand ,exact of 1 km drive you need to take diversion.

There are sign boards so you dont have to worry about the path . At base you would find some tea stalls ,and little above you would find car/bike parking area.Beware that there are hell lots of monkeys over there and do not ever park you bike way corner!!. I bet your seat cover would have taken a toll!

Here are few snaps that I took from #Nexus5 :). Rest you can find here.









It took almost 30 mins to reach top. 🙂 I was literally running all the way. But at max,it may take a hour depending on your pace.

So happy travelling and exploring. Have fun



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