A visit to Ramakrishna Tapovana – Polali

Last week , along with Sambrama Cisco team , I had been to Polali. Though we saw heavy rainfall in Western ghats , there wasn’t much at Polali. Polali Rajarajeshwari Temple is a temple located in Polali, Dakshina Kannada district in Karnataka. The primary deity of the temple is Shri Rajarajeshwari. The temple was constructed in the 8th century AD by King Suratha and has been developed by many dynasties which ruled over the region. The idol of Shri Rajarajeshwari is completely moulded from clay with special medicinal properties.

Beside Polali temple, we went to visit Ramakrishna Tapovana . It is a member Ashram of Ramakrishna – Vivekananda Bhava Prachar Parishad, advised by Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math, West Bengal. Its aim is to implement “Practical Vedanta” among the masses, as it was taught and practiced by Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda.

Being there , we as a team also visited nearby High School. Dharmendra (one of the senior member of Cisco) guided 10th Standard Students reagarding what are all the oppurtunities avalilable out there after successfully completing their 10th examination.

I along with Vadiraj and some of my friends did some magic show and kept them entertained 🙂 😛 .

Evening , we spent time with Ashrama kids. I was amazed by the work done by Swami Vivekachaithanyananda , where for nearly 55 students , he is providing free food and education. There were kids from different part of Karnataka , irrespective of caste or religion.

They were well very  disciplined and I liked the routine that they need to follow .The ashrama was very well maintained by these kids , Maharaj and Yogaraj sir were very kind and supported us in all our activities.

 If you are looking for volunteering , if you are looking for spiritual,divinity then I would suggest ,take a off from your busy schdule , go to Ashrama, visit Polali temple ,spend time with kids, meditate , rejuvinate and come back !





Visit this http://ramakrishnatapovan.org/ page for more info 🙂

Regards ,


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