Majestic – A town that never sleeps.

Have you ever been to Majestic or rather Kemegowda Bus Station in Bangalore ? Pretty much Yes right ? So do I. But let me explain what would happen in your case. You would be hurry to get into your platform. You would be tensed while leaving home thinking, what if there is traffic jam and I would miss the bus ? Also many a times you would be thinking, what if the vehicle that I am in , shall get punctured while reaching bus station and I might miss the bus 🙂 .

Infact, I am not an exception here. I too get all these creepy , pathetic  ideas that bombard my brain. Last time I think a month back when I travelled to a place , the scheduled time for departure from Majestic was at 11 PM . It was 9 30 PM that I reached bus stand ,and yes I had ample amount of time to roam around ( PS: I was not jobless 😉 😛 ) .  So, I just started walking around on footpath infront of BMTC bus stand.


Majestic is like a all day much happening place. You see people selling all types of  gadgets , starting from ear phone or charger to China origin O-Pod ( similar to I-pod :P). You find hundreds of pirated DVDs /CDs in street. You find fake branded Shirts starting fromLouis Philippe to Raymond to Hype. The best part is , vendors selling shirts in morning shall charge 1 Shirt for 100 bucks, but the same vendor in evening/night shall give 3 shirts for 100 bucks.





Coming back to foods, I shall bet you that you can find all types of food there. It could be North india, South indian, Continental , Asia, Europe ,Chinese , Japanese and what not. Are hum log tho kuch bi banake hi rahe jaayenGe :p 🙂 . You name it and people shall prepare it . That’s majestic.

Unfortunately , Majestic is also a biggest hub of prostitution :(. You can see many people standing around especially in the subway from Railway station to Bus station and Pimps all the way hunting for customers. I don’t want to comment on this , but this makes me sad.

Apart from that , you can see lots of lots aged people. The number is actually huge, like Tsunami. They all become active after 8 PM . Though for some I feel sorry, but for rest ,they just enact to be aged and differentially abled. Phew.. you should have lots of patience to handle them and politely say NO . Actually I was observing a man who was in his mid 40 and was begging. I was observing him from past 10 mins. He walks properly with his shoulders and back erect. The moment he goes to some person he bends his back a little , starts trembling his hands, acts as if his legs are broken and begs. I was still observing him when he got some 30 bucks , he went straight to an arrack shop and was vanished.  Looked like he got his daily dosage 😉 :P.

You see small kids selling  pen,pencil, sequin fabric hand fans, water bottles and many others all over.

On the other end you see anxious parents holding hands of their kids and crossing the roads. You see teenage boys and girls busy on mobile with headphones plugged in their ears.  You see traffic cop , yelling at bus drivers and auto drivers. Auto drivers as usual  doesn’t care and shall not move until they get their customers 🙂 :P.

You see fish fry on one side ,and onion pakkoda on other side. You see puri baaji , biryiani on one side and you see Egg omlet on other.  You see people with just one carry bag walking swiftly and you see people carrying tens of bags with weight 100 times more than their weight walking slowly. You see dust spreading over when vehicle moves and at the same time smoke rolling over . You see mouse going around ,hunting for food and stray dogs “staring” at you . Now that’s Majestic.


Indeed from Wikipedia got to know that , Majestic was named majestic because of a popular cinema theatre thats present there . This was built in 1980. And now , sources say approx 55 buses get IN/OUT of majestic every minute.!!! .

This was a my thought on Majestic and wanted to jot it down and share you.  Let me know your views on this and share it if possible 🙂










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