Happy New Year !

After watching the movie ,I felt it should have been named  happy bad year. What a waste of money .

The whole story is around,  how to effectively copy a Hollywood movie and make a Bollywood movie. The director so called F Khan, has used her indigenous brain , washed with TIDE and then further rinsed with Surf Excel just to make sure that her brain “Daag achha hai”.

I strongly feel .. Modi’s Swach bharath Abhiyan should also involve media industry where in , these stupid movies and soap serials should be cleansed. Here comes SRK dude, who shows his 6 packs or rather 8 packs , 10 to 20 times in a shot just to realise later that a lots of CGI (graphics) has gone into it.

Then comes Deepika , with her so called HinGlish (Hindi + English) . Till now I knew the definition of size 0, but from now on I also know definition of size Negative. Yes, this girl is comparably to the new Sony Bravia Light Thin 10 micron OMLED 52 inch Display . Phew.. god save her. !


If you are insomniac , then I would request you to watch this movie. Instantly within 5 mins after watching movie , you would doze off and if the theatre has an AC , then I bet your sleep would be the best sleep in your lifetime. I strongly feel that companies like Sleepwell , Durabeds and other companies should start making use of this movie in their Ads. Their sales might go up.

Infact ,I am wondering why Kejru hasn’t warned or announced any scam here .People in daylight were cheated, taking 200 Rs for the ticket where the movie is not even worth of 50 Rs ( yeah , there are foreign location scenes shots) .

Finally ,If you don’t have a life ,and If you are boredom of even killing mosquitoes at your home ,then if there are no other options left and you have to do time pass , just clean your house and contribute to Swacha Abhiyan than watching Happy new year !

Regards ,


5 thoughts on “Happy New Year !

  1. lamo! Hilarious! Don’t know how thy managed this, But just by watching the trailer I figured that, this is yet another Hopeless, below the standard movie that is gonna cross 100’s of crores.. and it did . And genuine film makers like Pawan Kumar / Rakshith Shetty need to struggle. The sad state of Indian Entertainment 😦

    ( Stupid Film Karne waalo, Janta Maaf nahi Karegi)

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