Unique Zen park @ Bangalore

I have stayed at Chandra Layout for more than 15 years now . Never once I knew that there is park or rather themed park near my house :). It was yesterday when I accidentally came across a blog in google and got to know that the park was just

3 kms from my place.

So, without a second thought I took my bike and called my wife Ranjini  ❤ to go and have a visit there 🙂

Well, I must say ,I was impressed the way the park was built.  You can find the place here

There is a nicely carved Budda statue in the park.


How can I forget those scary dragons staring at you all time 😛 , and we did not waited a minute to take pictures of them 😛 🙂



The pavement were well maintained and it feels good to walk .

IMG_20150902_173144 IMG_20150902_173146 IMG_20150902_173152 IMG_20150902_173155 IMG_20150902_173212

It was getting dark and we need to head back to home. Well there are rock carvings of Gandhi , Mother Theresa as well which depicts the humanity served by them .


How can I miss the there monkeys which shows the universal truth 😛 🙂


If you have  half day of time to spend with kids , then I would suggest you to visit here 🙂



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