Nexus 7 ..One big tablet

I just been 10 days after getting my first android gadget and it happened to be Nexus. I have an old Nokia X6 phone which I still use, but offlate I have seen android smart phones picking up and that made me more tempt to buy one. So finally after doing some research on Apple Ipad mini and Nexus 7 , I went for Nexus 7. Nexus 7 Well I have already installed more than 25 apps ,which to be frank I am not using all of them.But I thought let me share some of the apps with you which I think worth installing on any good processing power android device (tablet) or for that matter it could be Nexus 7 . Lets start with Games :D.. 🙂 … I have installed the all time famous Angry Bird.

Next game that I installed is Temple Run.

Temple Run


Then… it Cut the Rope

Cut the rope

Well apart from this, To read pdf , doc, odt file I have installed a single app which is awesome, and its name is



Well what about the productivity .
I have kept both Keep note and Evernote and Text+ with me. Not sure how much I am gonna use Keep note(which is a product from google) .


Keep Note

And well how to get to know what’s happening in and around the world. What’s trending… You know well we need to keep updated as well .
So here are some tools that may help you in keeping you up to date.

Tumblr :


Stumble Upon :

Stubmle Upon

Flipboard :


And what if you want to keep your Knowledge base up to date ,interact with fascinating people , get their views ,share , collaborate….in that case you need to install apps like






These are just a small subset of a bigger super set of apps ;).. I hope you liked this article …. I need to stubmleupon on next article ..Till then cya 🙂

Regards ,

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